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Origin: JP(Origin)
Recommend Age: 7-12y
Recommend Age: 12+y
Certification: CCC
Warning: European version original box
Model Number: LED 2 Original2
Certification: China certified (3C)
Theme: Fantasy & Sci-Fi
Theme: Occupations

Yu Gi Oh LED2 Gift Box TCG English Legendary Deck European Version Original Box

Legendary Decks II content: 1 game deck (43 cards, 6UR, 37N) 1 seahorse deck (43 cards, 3UR, 40N) 1 card group within the city (43 cards, 3UR, 40N) 1 (SCR)Dark Burning Attack 1 (SCR)Dark Burning Magic 1 (SCR)Eternal Soul 1 (UR)Token (derivative) derivative card (illustration for "Dark Game" (Black Magician) Edition) 1 (UR)Token (derivative) derivative card (illustration of "Hippocampus" (blue-eyed white dragon) version) 1 (UR)Token (derivative) derivative card (illustration of "Katsuya Jonouchi" (True Red-Eyed Black Dragon) Edition) LDK2-ENS04(SCR)Dark Burning Attack LDK2-ENS05(SCR)Dark Burning Magic LDK2-ENS06(SCR)Eternal Soul

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