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Origin: JP(Origin)
Recommend Age: 7-12y
Recommend Age: 12+y
Recommend Age: 18+
Certification: CCC
Warning: Original Box
Model Number: MB01
Certification: China certified (3C)
Theme: Fantasy & Sci-Fi
Theme: Occupations

Game King Japanese Genuine Millennium Gold Gift Box MB01 Three Magic God Gift Box

The 20th anniversary of Yu-Gi-Oh! MILLENNIUM BOX GOLD. (Released on November 28, 2015) content: Theme card set (GMR×3) (NMR×37) ×1 Gold storage box ×1 Gold card box (combined PP material) ×1 Card Holder "Millennium Building Blocks" (Gold Version) ×55 GMR ×3 Description: Luxurious year-end products for the 20th anniversary of the "Yugioh" series are here! Buy and play themed card set, plus the original world view theme gold glittering high-level collection. The deck adopts the themes familiar to fans of "Yugioh DM"! New cards are included, and all cards are flashing for a thousand years! MB01-JPS01(GMR) MB01-JPS02(GMR) MB01-JPS03(GMR) MB01-JP001(GMR) MB01-JP002(GMR) MB01-JP003(GMR) MB01-JP004(NMR) The sealed dark master. Once the seal is unlocked, unlimited power can be gained. You can directly win the duel! MB01-JP005(NMR) MB01-JP006(NMR) MB01-JP007(NMR) MB01-JP008(NMR) MB01-JP009(NMR) MB01-JP010(NMR) As a magician, the attack power and defense power are the highest level. MB01-JP011(NMR) MB01-JP012(NM) MB01-JP013(NMR) MB01-JP014(NMR) MB01-JP015(NMR) MB01-JP016(NMR) MB01-JP017(NMR) MB01-JP018(NMR) MB01-JP019(NMR) MB01-JP020(NMR) MB01-JP021(NMR) MB01-JP022(NMR) MB01-JP023(NMR) MB01-JP024(NMR) MB01-JP025(NMR) MB01-JP026(NMR) MB01-JP027(NMR) MB01-JP028(NMR) MB01-JP029(NMR) MB01-JP030(NMR) MB01-JP031(NMR) MB01-JP032(NMR) MB01-JP033(NMR) MB01-JP034(NMR) MB01-JP035(NMR) MB01-JP036(NMR) MB01-JP037(NMR) MB01-JP038(NMR) MB01-JP039(NMR) MB01-JP040(NMR)

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