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Voltage: 110v~220v

The biggest 2 cups size: 16cm

Size: Multi Size SML


Model Number: FUN-100

Material: ABS

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Function 5: Suction and release

Function 4: Breast and buttock lift

Function 3: Cupping Therapy

Function 2: Vacuum cellulite removal

Function 1: Body shaping and Skin tightening

CUP color: Blue

Brand Name

Application: Breast

The biggest 2 cups size: 16cm


-Vacuum massage is one of the most effective means to get rid of cellulite and the correction of speech. vacuum massage helps to remove the fibrotic changes in the body, reduce adipose crease, make lymphatic drainage.

-Vacuum massage provides indispensable means to increase the breast and vacuum cleaning face.

-This apparatus for vacuum massage has the greatest diversity of nozzles and functions.

- in the recruitment of - loaded cans for the face, body, chest and the vacuum roller attachments.

- High power suction allows to work for even the most complex patients.

-The specially designed vacuum pump can improve size and shape or breast, without any aching and health threat, it does not involve silicon injection or pushing and filling bra, it would make you have natural and pretty breast according to physiological period.

-The vacuum pump can absorb fat particle and liquid, and then make them enter breast tissue and cells, leave breast more developed.

-Stimulate pituitary to product hormone, enhance muscle tissue elasticity and fiber, resume breast elasticity and softness, lift and develop breast, improve breast shape, leave improve suck nipple, stabilize treatment effect.

-Once a week, long-term use, can prevent breast disease.

-100% Brand new. Package included: Breast Enlargement Massager.

-The adjustment of the power is accurate and convenient, you can work on your face, chin, chest, including the following

Vacuum massage

Vibration vacuum massage

Vacuum roller massage


1. Breast enhancement, augmentation, firming up, lifting.

2. Breast Shape correcting, Nipple sag improvement.

3. Skin tightening, lifting, firming up

4. Face / Body contouring and reshaping, slimming

5. Improving elasticity and tone of skin

6. Improving orange-peel like tissue on the legs, arms, thighs

7. Blood and lymph circulation improvement

8. Health care massage, cupping, scraping therapy


1 pack* filter,1*machine,24*cups,2*tube, 3 steel roller