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Features & Description:

Easy to Carry: The mini neck-hanging fan has a double clip design, even if your T-shirt or trousers are firm, it can be used to fix the fan. The most important advantage is that when you use this fan and cool, you can free your hands for other jobs

Adjustable Design: The fan features the adjustable wind direction, which is the left and right 30 degrees wind direction, and it wind-blowing direction can be locked for better cooling effect

Compact and Lightweight: The mini clip fan is particularly suitable for pocket use. And the fan has a compact size and a double reverse clip design. It is very light, so it can also be used as an outdoor fan. It is very easy to carry when you travel, walk or hang out in an overheated and high temperature environment

Easy to Use: The fan can be used with USB chargers, laptops, computers, power banks and other USB-enabled devices

Speed Adjustment: The fan features the speed setting + energy saving, and it features the 3-level speed design, and it is the portable fan whose wind speed can be adjusted according to your needs.

Portable Waist Fan: It weighs only 0.37lb and The size is 2.7*1.2*3.9 Inch, you can easily put it into your pocket or bag and convenient to take it to anywhere. The Inner and outer double clamps design makes it easier to use. The waist fan is equipped with a Hanging Lanyard, you can also hang it around your neck won't feel heavy, the vertical airflow blows cool air up toward your face. Release your hands!.

Super Wind Force: Even though the fan is small, it’s working power is not small. Bimonk mini waist fan has 3 levels of adjustment, the max speed can be reached 5000RPM, whether you need a small amount of air or need to quickly cool, can meet your needs..

4000mAh Rechargeable Battery: USB charging cable no longer needs to worry about power problems. It can be powered and recharged by all 5V output USB devices (such as power banks, computers, etc.). Once fully charged, the maximum working hours is up to 15 hours in low speed, 6 hours in middle speed and 3 hours in high speed..

Mute Design: Bimonk portable waist fan is super quiet while working, the maximum noise is 42db, The mini waist fan works so stable, just like a friend quietly whispering, will not bother you and your family to rest or sleep..

Rapid Cooling: Strong power ensures maximum airflow. The design is perfect for outdoor crowds, even if the temperature is very high, don't worry about outdoor activities, because this fan can calm you down, this is a must-have for summer.


Model: Waist Fan
Battery type: lithium polymer battery
Battery capacity: 4000mAh (3.7V / 14.8Wh)
Working hours: low speed mode: 8 hours, moderate speed mode: 5 hours, high speed mode: 3.3 hours
Charging time: about 3-4 hours
Product size: 109 * 80 * 49mm/4.29*3.15*1.93in
Product speed: low speed - 4500 rpm, moderate speed - 6000 rpm, high speed - 7000 rpm

Package Included:

1* (USB - Fan Power Bank)