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Human Design Automated Smart Robot


Brand Name: FaseLase


Size: 60*60*160cm (length * width * height) (can be customized as required)

 Net weight: 60KG

Charging time: 4H


Maximum duration: 8H


The tablet computer 

Display screen: 22-inch touch tablet for query (optional)



Resolution: 1680*1050


Screen proportion : 16:9


Brightness: 350cd/m2(adjustable)

TONSINCS new product hard disk 32G Human design Automated smart bank service robot

Processor: 64 bit 1.2ghz 4 core or above


Visual Angle: 178 ° (H) / 178 ° (V)


Backlight type: d-led


Touch screen

Touch screen: capacitive screen


Response time: < 5ms

Touch points: 2

Panel life: > 60000/h

System: android


Host: memory :2G, hard disk: 32G, with WLAN

Broadband: 2M

Rated power: 80W

Head camera resolution: 720P 500W

Battery specification: 15000mAH

Built-in: voice recognition, face recognition, self-positioning technology, microphone *2

Horn: 15W channel HIFI


Functions: indoor mobile business guidance, etiquette greeting, media release

VIP customer identification, interactive communication, inquiry function, queuing for the number


Movement: forward, backward, steering, 0.8m/s

Head movement: up and down, left and right

Facial expressions: lighting

Body language: head movement 2 joints, bottom 2 drives 4 - wheel

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