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WiFi App Control Robot Auto lawn mower



Forward Speed: 35m/min
Cutting Width: 18CM
Feature: Self Propelled
Power Type: Electricity
Type: Robotic Mowers
Working capacity:: 800m2+_20%
Battery:: 2.2ah lithium battery
Coverage (for one charging):: 200m2+_20%
Cutting height:: 2.5-5.5cm
Mower Size:: 48*36*21.5cm(LWH)
Charging Sation:: 44*48.2*15cm(LWH)

Package Included:

1* (WiFi App Control Robot Auto lawn mower)

The Cheapest WiFi App Control Robot Automower Grass Trimmer H750T with 200m Wire+200pcs Pegs+15pcs Blades







Subarea Settting:You can Select Subareas For The Mower To Cut.This Works Well For Larger Lawn.
You can start the robot mower by Manual or start on Schedule:
before and after.jpg
Newest !!! H750T the 7th Generation robot lawn mower automatic with WIFI App+Touch sensor+Rain sensor+Range which is mainly for the small garden.


Robot Lawn Mower H750T Functions:

Use the gyroscope instead of compass


It is not easy to interuppted by electric/metal/other signal,etc.


1.languages for your option(12):

English,French,German,Danish,Swedish,Finnish,Italian,Norwegian,Spanish,Dutch,Russian,Polish.and we could add more...

2.WIFI app available for IOS and Android mobile phones, more convenient for setting and remote control:

3.Lift sensor 

 If the mower is lifted from Ground,it will stops working within 1 secondif the mower is lifted from Ground,it will stops working within 1 second

4.Tilt sensor 

 When the Mower is tiled over 30 degrees in any direction,it will stop working within 2 seconds

5.Range Function:

 There are four options for the ranges, user can choose thedistance when the robot hit the virtual wire according the

condition of different lawns.



6.Bump sensor

 It will activate when the mower strikes solid,fixed object when that object is at least 6cm in vertical height from the supporting surface of the mower,when the bump sensor activated,the mower will back up  for working.
7.Rain sensor

There Are Two Rain Sensors loctated on the mower,the mower will go back to the charing sation automaticly when rainin

8.Mowing schedule (in any time)
9.Anti-theft (Password for protecting)

10.Cutting height easy adjustable (2.5-5.5cm)
11.Auto recharge 
12.Emergency stop switch
13.Pressure sensor 
14.Overload protect 
16.Subarea setting 


 Technical information about H750T:





 What is the packing box:

1pc Robot Lawn Mower 
200m virutal wire
200pcs pegs
15pcs blades
4pcs stakes
1pc Water-proofed charger
10pcs wire connector
1pc Charging Sation
1pc English manual

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