AR Glasses

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Brand Name: ZUIDID
Sensor Type: IOS
Display Number: None
Compatible Device: SMARTPHONES
Certification: CE
All-in-one Virtual Reality Glasses: No
Origin: CN(Origin)
Type: Hybrid
Viewing Experience: Immersive
Controllers: No
3D Glasses Type: Virtual Reality
Package: Yes
Real-time Map Construction: No
Base Stations: No
Wireless network Type: IOS
Model Number: CONFIDENCE
FOV: It's the same.
Camera: No
Set Type: Glasses Only
Bundle: Bundle 4
Gesture Recognition: No
Ports: It's the same.
Number of screens: 124Unique
Virtual reality glasses all in one machi: YES 1

Smart glasses ar navigation camera translation video live broadcast VR headset integrated mobile phone projection bracket

Product description

Features and details

There is a machine translation application that translates everything crystal sees into the language of your choice.

GPS navigation characteristics

The world's most advanced smart crystal

Crazy appearance X5: the world's most advanced intelligent glass and technical glass can be used to let you see the best way in the world. We know what you're thinking. A few years ago, a well-known company disclosed wearable glasses technology to the market. Oslo said that the product had not been upgraded. Then why bother about this product? The answer is simple. We can do better and make it more affordable. We believe that crazy appearance can promote and expand daily life. The products needed by this generation, using the world's most advanced technology, not only make life more convenient, but also improve. Our young and energetic team has been committed to creating an exciting and easy-to-use product that transforms traditional two-dimensional graphics into an exciting three-dimensional experience. 4 main functions of instant translation crazy look - once walked through a foreign country, don't know whatWhat is going on? Crazy looks will fix it for you. There is a machine translation application that translates everything crystal sees into the language of your choice. He doesn't want to travel without his crazy expression. Social mad look allows users to make phone calls, text, send multimedia to contacts, access personal data assistants (PDAs), and play any media. Seeing this is the main reason why people have been using smart phones. If they replace mobile phones with crazy eyes, they will spend more time watching them. Entertainment and games: imagine playing your favorite games without looking down at the screen, or using Ar + to play games that interact with the real world around you. Suddenly, the game becomes more interactive than inactive. The world is rich. The crazy look takes the game to a whole new level, more exciting and entertaining. As a player, you really feel the game. GPS navigationStaring at GPS madly will ensure that you will never get lost. The map and address are right in front of you.