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Brand Name: Gantch
Model Number: 0119
Feature: Display Visual Information
Feature: Play Video
Feature: Video Call

Smart commercial or house security robot can program dialogue voice video chat monitoring accompanying robot84




Platform level robot parameters:
Size: 849mm*400mm*420mm
Weight: 28kg
Battery: lithium battery
Capacity: 20Ah/300W
10 hours of normal use, 20 hours of standby time
CPU: 8-core processor
Operating system: ROS operating system
Link method: Wifi, Zigbee
Display: 10.1-inch touch display
1. Bluetooth speaker;
2.WIFF wireless Internet access;
3. Water immersion remote alarm;
4. News, weather forecast inquiry;
5. Movie, film and television playback; self-contained projection function is more cool;
6. Smart alarm clock and reminder function;
7. Robot intelligent voice communication; complete after the new version is updated; accurate recognition, algorithm cloud reply;
9. Self-help obstacle avoidance and fall prevention ability;
11. Automatic charging and wireless standby capability
12. Smart night light and smart atmosphere lighting;
13. Music, storytelling, stories, nursery rhymes play;
14. Intelligent security: security alarm and evidence retention; set security area; detect alarm;
15. Emergency call: the voice control robot dials the emergency contact number;
16. Splitting: Authorized mobile phone launch, two-way video dialogue on the robot side;
17. Mobile monitoring: The authorized mobile phone side controls the robot movement and checks the picture sound seen by the robot in real time;
18. The background function is permanently updated and upgraded freely; enjoy the intelligent high-tech life from the Xiaobao platform-level robot;
19. Somatosensory game; cut watermelon is more fun;
20. Self-contained; infrared recognition;
22. Early childhood education function
23. Welcome function
24. Product introduction, custom Q & A
25. Auxiliary office function808182

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