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security patrol robot



Brand Name: NoEnName_Null
Model Number: 8899

Package Included:

1* (security patrol robot)

 security patrol robot

Product Description

                                                                    XiaoAn Security Service Robot Brief description

1. Appearance design


2. Application scene

Application scene
hotel,bank,administrative centre,restaurant,science and technology museum,museum,library,hosptial,school,sales center,shopping Mall,cinema,car 4S stores,banquet hall,wedding celebration,opening ceremony etc.
Main functions
climbing, climb the stairs, load, face identification, walking free, object identification, real time monitoring, business consulting, automatic charging, risk early warning, chatting, etc.
Custom scenario function steps
1,provide scenario requirements            2,consult if you can develop this feature
3,consulting development cycle            4,consulting development cost 
5,Sign bespoke agreement                     6,check and accept product function

3. Technical parameters

Base parameters
Screen type
10 touch screen, capacitance
Two million pixels
Support bluetooth
The distance of the human sensor to the guest
It can climb a 30-degree slope.
Climb the stairs
Single step steps that can cross 10cm.
High temperature resistance
Use under the sun in summer is not affected by the heat.
Low temperature resistance
Snow weather does not affect the use.
Outdoor use is not affected when it rains.
Use at night
Infrared cameras can be used to patrol at night, without environmental impact.
Ground operating environment
Flat land, grass, slope, simple steps, snow, simple potholes, mud, carpets, simple beaches, etc.
Control parameter
Remote control walking
Control the walking of the robot from front to back through mobile APP and remote control;Response time is less than 100ms
Lidar navigation walks
Robots scan indoor lidar to build flat maps
Navigation route
Multiple target points and walking routes can be set
Anti-interference performance
Free from the sun's rays
Night interference
Use infrared camera to avoid night interference
Remote software upgrade
When the software is upgraded, the system automatically downloads the upgrade package, prompting the user to upgrade

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