AR Glasses

AR Glasses

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Type: Hand Tool Parts
Origin: CN(Origin)
Place of Origin: Beijing, China
Model Number: RG201
Virtual Screen Size: < 50"
3D Glasses Type: Red&blue
Glasses Type: 3D Glasses
Product Type: AR glass
Function: Infrared AR Glasses
Weight: 180g
Color: black
Sensor: uncooled infrared focal plane sensor
warranty: 1years

Rokid T1 New Upgrade
Rokid Infrared Thermometry AR Glasses
T2 Infrared Thermometry AR Glasses is the New Upgrade of Rokid T1, high-tech product specially developed for epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic. It integrates infrared thermal imaging technology, AI capability, AR technology, big data and other advanced technologies.
T1 is the world's first safe and efficient non-contact temperature monitoring equipment focused on mobile patrols scenes in the public place with large flow of people, including but not limited to hospitals, stations, airports, parks, scenic spots and other scenes, which greatly improves prevention and control efficiency, prevents cross infection, and protects epidemic prevention personnel and ordinary people. It is a high-tech intelligent terminal equipment that can meet the practical needs of body temperature screening, epidemic prevention and control, public security prevention and control, etc.
Product Feature
1.Non-Contact temperature measurement
At a distance of 2 meters, the deviation is within ±0.3°C for outdoor temperature readings, and within ±0.3°C for indoor temperature readings. At a distance of 4 meters, the deviation is within ±0.4°C for outdoor temperature readings and ±0.4°C for indoor temperature readings. The maximum distance for effective measurement is 6 meters.
2.Multi-person temperature measurement mode
Multi person temperature measurement adopts AI face recognition and multi-point average fitting temperature measurement technology. The accurate temperature measurement time is not more than 0.2 seconds, and 10 people can be dynamically measured at the same time.

3.Remote Command
Based on the security network, it can realize the coordinated operation of the field personnel and the command center, optimize the remote coordination and centralized management of the overall police force, realize the transformation and upgrading of the police mode, and improve the individual combat ability of the police officers, the coordinated operation level among the police officers and the overall command efficiency of the action.

4.Face Recognition
It can support up to 20 people to identify at the same time. The recognition distance is more than 6 meters. Two modes of online recognition and local recognition are supported, online recognition is within 3-6 seconds and local recognition is within 500 milliseconds.
5.Automatic Number Plate Recognition
It can identify the brand, color, violation and owner's information after the license plate, so as to facilitate law enforcement
personnel to check the vehicle situation, and accurately and quickly investigate and deal with illegal vehicles. According to the black and white list mode, the license plate can be automatically detected and compared with the local library for recognition.
6.Multi person collaboration
It supports multi terminal and multi person remote conference, such as glasses, mobile phones, computers, etc., with audio and video call, screen sharing, camera sharing and other functions.