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Origin: CN(Origin)
Power Source: electric
Age Range: 14 Years & Up
Age Range: 8~13Years
Age Range: Grownups
Theme: Transportation
Theme: Fantasy & Sci-Fi
Certification: 3C
Certification: ce
Model Number: M2971730
Warning: designer for children,adult
DIY Kit: robotica kit education;robot designer;python programming
Peripheral related: vector robot;robot arm ;artificial intelligence;arduino/microbit robot
Type: Programmable toys
Product function: Christmas gift,gift toys kids,birthday gift toy,gift toys for children

Programmable Metal Mechanical Dog Bionic Quadruped Crawling Robot Toy


.You can walk a smart mechanical dog that walks on all fours, he can walk across obstacles, turn around, and stand still. We provide complete inverse kinematics analysis and gait planning code, you can carry out secondary development to create a unique mechanical dog.
.Provide one-click download function, use MircoUSB to download program and serial communication
.Safety: The charger prevents over-discharge. Overcharge, short circuit, overvoltage, etc.
.Cost-effective, affordable price, mechanical dog that everyone can afford, all-metal processing, planetary gear motor, photoelectric encoder, all codes are open source, based on FreeRTOS operating system and STM32F4 and F1 dual master control, support remote walking.
.Editing Code: 500-line AB phase photoelectric encoder, 8 motors with 35W power, 5AH 24V lithium battery (with protection circuit), battery life 15 minutes, OELD display screen, STM32F405RGT6 main control chip, STM32F103RCT6 auxiliary control chip, ps2 wired Joystick control
.Open Source: Source code (including inverse kinematics analysis, gait planning), schematic diagram
.Zero Calibration: Default mechanical calibration, 8 infrared ports are reserved, and the motherboard reserves ports: CAN, serial port, IIC, USB, etc.
.Size: The highest of four feet is 37.1CM; the lowest of four feet is 23.14CM, the length is 48CM, and the width is 33.12CM


.Color: As Shown
.Material: Aluminium Alloy
.Product Dimensions: 48 x 33.1 x 37.1cm
.Product Weight: 10000g
.Package Dimensions: 10 x 25 x 20cm
.Package Weight: 10500g
.Packing: Box

Package Content:

.8 x MD36NP27P Motor
.8 x Steel Motor Support
.1Set x Aluminum Alloy Body
.4 x Single Diaphragm Coupling
.16 x Synchronous Wheel
.8 x Timing Belt
.4 x Rubber Hoof
.1 x Charger
.2 x Main Control Board
.4 x High Current Dual MOS Driver
.2 x OLED Screen
.1 x Extension Cable
.1 x ps2 Handle
.Several Bearing
.Several Shaft Parts

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