Pool Cue Tiger

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Brand Name: TIGER
Origin: US(Origin)
Structure: 1/2 Split Cue
Type: Center Joint Cue
Classification: Pool Cue
Joint: Stainless Steel
Butt Sleeve: Ebony
Classification: Nine-ball Ball Arm
Length: 147cm
Weight: 19oz
Sport: POOL
Forearm: Maple

Tiger Butterfly Series Cue

Using a combination of the tightest grain of Sev and Spitak woods, the Butterfly series is visually beautiful and allows for a transformation in performance unlike any other! The Butterfly series blends unique elements of design, color and workmanship, without compromising performance. Assembled with Tiger’s patented 5X core technology, and complemented with beautiful copper rings, the series utilizes a variety of vibrant colors including yellow, orange, red, green and blue. Each model also comes with one of Tiger’s high performance or low deflection shafts. Choose from one of our seven exquisite models and experience a metamorphosis in your performance today! Shaft 1: 12mm Tiger ONYX tip Tiger Pro® super low deflection shaft: This is by far the best super low to no deflection shaft in the market today. It’s is made with same 5X patented laminated construction and pin point balance accuracy and flex point combined with Tiger’s European gradual taper. This shaft is the best in its category. If you want the lowest deflection shaft in the world look no further, this is it. Many low deflection shaft move away from all wood construction and insert other materials and just leave hollow inside the front part of the shaft, taking away the solid feel. Tiger Pro shaft is made all solid wood construction and allows the player to gain more natural power, best possible feel, superb feedback with lots of added spin and control. This shaft has Tiger’s own European gradual taper, 12.00 mm tip size, ¼” Safer-T ferrule and Onyx-LTD laminated tip. Shaft 2: 12.5mm Tiger Sniper tip Tiger LD® is a low deflection shaft: This is the best shaft option for those who would like to get in to low deflection shafts without getting confused in the difference of performance and taking a long time to adjust. As the only solid construction low deflection shaft, Tiger LD offers best of both worlds for not only being low deflection, also giving the player a solid feel and better cue ball control compare to any low deflection shafts made today. End result, better feedback, giving the player better position in every shot, more power and better overall performance. This shaft has 12.50 mm tip size, pro taper 15” and ¼” Safer-T ferrule and Sniper laminated tip.