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Origin: CN(Origin)
Certification: CE

Office Building Office Lobby Intelligent Patrol Robot Indoor Security Patrol Robot


Name Model: Security Patrol Robot

Product size: 650*700*670MM (width, length and height)

Net weight: 24KG

Battery capacity: 12800MAH

Movement accuracy: 5MM/M, 5°/360° or less

Working time: ≥6H

Movement speed: normal driving speed 0.7M/S

Navigation method: ultrasonic obstacle avoidance sensor

Charging voltage: 25.9V


Intelligent mobile security patrol robot

The robot can build an indoor map with one click, and can accurately locate the map, dynamically perceive and analyze the surrounding environment information, so as to plan a better patrol route. It operates autonomously for 24 hours, and can be inspected according to multiple preset routes. Automatic charging, unattended.

The robot is equipped with a visible light camera to process images through optics and electricity to enhance image clarity and high-definition video surveillance.

The robot is equipped with an intelligent elevator control module to control the elevator, which can realize unimpeded traffic between multiple floors. Set timed tasks, the robot can autonomously take the elevator to patrol.


The Android-based OS system supports unlimited possibilities for the development of different functions. Such as office buildings, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, factory warehouses and other scenes.

Indoor autonomous navigation, cruise according to the route, and support the route.

Multiple alarm methods, tail light flashing/speaker broadcast/console flashing light, the administrator’s mobile phone receives the alarm message.

Patrol across floors and take the elevator to reach the designated floor.

Automatic charging, when the battery is low, it can automatically return to the charging point, automatically find the charging base and charge.

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