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Certification: CE
Model Number: xiaoan
size: 130cm height 100cm length 73cm width
weight: 75kg
moving speed: 0-1m/s can be adjusted
network connection: WiFi 4G
navigation mode: laser radar
obstacle avoidance: ultrasonic
monitoring equipment: four infrared

what can the robot do

Outdoor automatic walk

In the outdoor according to the set fixed route navigation walk, and patrol.

Real time monitoring

It can monitor the environment in real time, record and take pictures. The camera can take pictures 360 degrees.

With walkie talkie

The security guard can play the sound through the microphone.


The robot can climb a 30 degree slope.

Climb the stairs

Can go over 5cm single step.



High temperature resistance

It can be used under the sun in summer and is not affected by high temperature.


It can be used outdoors without damaging the robot when it rains.

Automatic storage

Can automatically store video to memory card.

Night use

Equipped with infrared camera, it can patrol at night, not affected by the environment (optional)

Driving ground environment

Cement highway (passing through speed bump)

Safety degree

Prevent the wind blowing down, prevent the child pushing down and so on.

Cooperative development

Support secondary development and use.


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