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Certification: CE
Model Number: shaqiang
joint freedom: total 27 degrees of freedom
weight: 35kg
height: 178cm
screen size: 11 inch 10point touch
network connection: WiFi
control mode: remote control
power: 48w
used for: open

Action performance

The head, arms, fingers, waist, mouth and other joint degrees of freedom can perform a whole set of body movements, perform different segmented movements, and explain voice while performing.

Fun chat

By interacting with cloud voice, we can realize interesting chat and support local custom conversation content.

Action programming

The programming software is provided to arrange the motion of the robot joint, and the joint structure and control system can be used for teaching demonstration.

Face recognition

Face recognition can be used to welcome guests or VIPs.

second development

It can expand image recognition, face recognition, infrared tracking, posture simulation and other intelligent control methods, as an intelligent control platform for secondary development of automatic control personnel.


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