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Security guard robot


Brand Name: NoEnName_Null
Model Number: 6699
Feature: Display Visual Information
Feature: Play Video

Hotel school hospital library Exhibition show Security guard robot Humanoid facial recognition reception Robot Voice guide robot


1, can welcome guests, but also can send guests, support face recognition.
2, you can edit the voice dialogue locally, you can Internet cloud dialogue, voice query, consultation, explanation, shopping guide,
You can sing any song by voice.
3, 22-inch high-definition LCD screen display on the chest, you can play pictures, videos, and can operate a variety of robot functions.
4, 3 dual-channel human infrared sensors.
5, material: glass steel, acrylic, rubber, steel, plastic.
6, battery life: 10 hours.
7, charging method: use the robot to charge the charger, charging environment (home 220v)


Robot height:  155cm                                                                                                                                             weight: 30kg
Screen size: 21.5-inch, high-definition color LCD screen type Ten-point touch screen, capacitor
Screen resolution (dpi): 1920*1080 FULLHD                                                                                                                               camera: 1 million pixels
Dimensions: (mm) 763.77*457.21*65025.50 mm                                                                                                                           Battery and specifications: 24V12AH
Chassis structure: Triangle steel                                                                       Welcome human body sensor distance: 6~8m
Microphone single wheat, noise reduction speaker, dual speaker
Network connection                                                                                                                                                     WiFi support                                                                                                                                Bluetooth Yes
Charging time (h) ≤ 8 hours (normal 6h)                                                                       Working time (h) ≥ 12 hours
Rated input voltage (V) 220VAC rated                                                                                output voltage (V) 24VDC
Welcome human body sensor distance 6~8m                                                                                  Rated power (W): 48W
Rated output current (A) 2A                                                                                               Dialogue system activation method: Human body sensor + infrared sensor


Service Waiter hotel Restaurant Service Waiter Automated Humanoid smart Robot 


1, multi-point meal delivery, tea delivery, gifts.
2, custom voice dialogue, restaurant business consulting, explain.
3, cloud voice dialogue exchange, fun chat.
4. Face recognition.
5 11-inch 10-point touch full-width screen.
6, automatic charging.
7, height 100CM.
Operating system Android 6.0 operating system is the development platform
The exterior design is exquisite, the flow is flowing, the workmanship is exquisite, and the whole has a distinct sense of technology.
Humanoid appearance, good gloss of the shell, intimate large facial expression
The robot has no sharp metal parts exposed, the body shell and the operable part have no sharp corners, the joints are firm, the appearance is tight, and it is not easy to be worn out.
The height is 100cm, the weight is 30kg, and the chassis diameter is 51cm.
The lower body's athletic performance can be walked, circled, and can be stopped urgently.
It can be charged automatically or manually.
It is equipped with non-slip rubber wheels and does not slip.
You can walk autonomously, plan your own route, and automatically generate a flat map.
You can set up a virtual route for fixed route walking.
Lidar navigation, laser detection distance of 25m, accuracy of 2mm, anti-sunlight interference, you can independently plan the route can also establish a virtual route, under the premise of avoiding obstacles can bypass obstacles.
The speed of movement can be adjusted from 0 to 3 m/s.
The carrier tray has 3 layers.
Material: Yake.
The load capacity of each layer of pallet: 10kg.
Obstacle avoidance Ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, there are 5~7 ultrasonic waves (depending on the structure), the ultrasonic effective distance is 1.5m.
The laser avoids obstacles and can bypass obstacles. The obstacle avoidance distance can be set.
Ultrasound and laser are fully integrated, and the obstacle avoidance reaction speed is sensitive, and there is a trigger signal at 0.1S.
Voice dialogue can be voice dialogue interaction, restaurant business consultation, restaurant business explanation.
Four wheat array, voice wake-up, sound source localization, recognition distance of 5 meters, strong anti-interference, recognition rate of more than 90%.
You can customize the conversation.
There are semantic understanding, speech analysis, and multi-round dialogue.
Face recognition has a living body detection function and has face recognition function.
Camera pixel 2 million
The static picture resolution is no less than 1024x768, and the camera is mounted on the chest at an angle of about 45 degrees.
Display 11-inch 10-point touch full-width screen, brightness is greater than 250cd/m2, screen ratio 16:9. Resolution: 1920*1080 FULLHD.
Display size: 22x14 cm.
Computer configuration 2G running memory, 8G storage memory.
Independent USB port, independent network port, independent audio port, independent microphone port.
Can wafi Internet, can connect 4G card, there is a Bluetooth module.
Endurance 24V15AH polymer lithium battery, waterproof, full can be used for 9 hours.
With battery display module.
When you have low battery, you can go back and charge yourself.
Software features Remote upgrade, graphical user interface.
The business query platform can be opened in a voice conversation mode.
Material Plastic + fiberglass + metal iron plate.
Surface finish Painting.


serice robot



The robot follows a circular track towards assigned seats after seat numbers are given on a remote control and the time it takes to serve can be adjusted if the customer’s in a hurry. When they arrive at a specific seat, the robots turn to the customer and greet the person politely with, "Hello! Here’s your order, and please enjoy yourself." Then, after the guests get their food from the tray, the machines say, "Please touch my head if you don’t need anything else." When the customer gives a pat on their heads, the robots automatically head for another guest.

The robots run along photosensitive strips on the ground. They can carry trays of food, greet customers and even communicate through a series of simple phrases. With optical or magnetic sensors the robots are able to know exactly where to stop in the restaurant, returning to the kitchen when the food is delivered.


1.waiter robot with national registered trademark,less breakdowns

2.Easy and Economic maintenance 
3.Stable in Performance and durable in Lifetime
4.High efficiency with optimized internal design and control system

5.More time saving, it can be changed easily and quickly and enhanced working efficiency

6.Real manufacturer, we make all of components

7.Reasonable price

8.lower cost and  eliminating the waiter

Professional  Product Details

1.Item Name and No.:6th generation Robot waiter-Amy 

2.Application :restaurants, cafe shops, bars, shopping mall

3.Selling point:reduce the high cost of hiring staff,good way for promotion,high tech,receive high popularity 

4.Product size 155cm

5.Net weight (not include packing )40kgMax. 

6.Tray load(kg)10kg(customize)

7.Movement Speed0.6-0.8m/s(customized)

8.Control mode:Navigation rout planning 

9.Min. turning radiusmin500±10mm

10.Movement mode: Forward, backward, left &right turn,bifurcation, rotation

11.Position accuracy ±10mm

12.Navigate modePhotoelectric sensor tracking

13.Battery type: lithium battery

14.Battery maintenance/lifespan :1pc 12V 20Ah ,

15.Using time for one time charging12 hours 

16.Charging time and method:8 hours 

17Ambient room temperature :0 to 40 degrees, relative humidity: 40% to 80%

18.Operating power:DC24V

19.Standby power:The robots is off ,but can be powerd up primary  function 

20. Input voltage:between  210 and 230v

21.Output voltage:DC24V

22.Safety laser obstacle sensors

23.Obstacle sensing distance:≤3m, adjustable

24.Emergency braking distance:<20mm

Details of the restaurant service robot
Name restaurant service robot
Size 50*50*150 cm
Function welcome, room, Food presentation (custom), music
Speed 0.2~0.6m/s
Use 9-12 hours
Charging  manual charging (full charge 6 hours)
Battery maintenance free rechargeable battery, continuous discharge times> 500 times
Safety laser obstacle sensors ≤3m, adjustable, emergency braking distance is less than 20mm
Ambient room temperature 0 to 40 degrees, relative humidity: 40% to 80%
Design life  ≥ 10 years
voltage 24V
Standby power 20w
Operating power 100W
One of the main products of the Company Diner Robotics robot, she has a charming beauty shape; hands end two pallets can be placed more dishes; innovative fashion design,
if used in the restaurant will give people leave a good impression! Domestic and international customers of all ages ,surprise even moving!
She can automatically welcome , Food presentation (custom) ,automatic ordering room service, empty plate recovery was blocked will automatically stop so that you can still voice broadcast;
can replace waiters to customer service.
 As long as you sit in the restaurant on the point of the meal, the EU will put armored robot restaurant meal you ordered automatically delivered to your front.
The introduction of restaurant robot can not only reduce the operating costs of the restaurants, ordering instead of long standing and staff, and the robot always smiling,
automatic welcome Food presentation ,automatic singing, according to the restaurant specialties entry dialect voice, more to attract popular!
 Early introduction of early benefit! Move faster, to win competitive advantage!7.JPG12.JPG微信图片_20191219095508


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