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Features & Description:

Heart-shaped Amethyst geodes are perfect gifts for any special occasion. The crystal has a calming, soothing energy, that reduces anxiety and stress, inducing a relaxed, yet alert state. It can be extremely helpful used during meditations, it reduces the mind chatter, calms the emotions, helps in experiencing deep meditative states. The heart-shaped Amethyst geodes are fascinating. You can display them anywhere in your home or workspace, it will attract pure, protective energy.

Amethyst Geode's metaphysical properties:

  • activates the crown and the third eye chakra
  • strengthens our connection with spiritual realms
  • enhances higher states of consciousness
  • helps us connect with our higher self
  • awakens our intuition
  • assists in interdimensional communication


  • Place your heart-shaped Amethyst geode close to your bed if you suffer from insomnia
  • Display Amethyst Geode hearts in your workspace to bring you creativity and inspiration
  • Place it near your entrance to protect your home from negative entities and influences
  • Displayed in your office will help to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Keep your Amethyst Geode hearts close to your body while meditating, to induce a profound meditative state and help you access high states of consciousness
  • Keep it close to your body to elevate your vibration
  • Keep it close to your body during relaxation to dissipate tensions and negative emotions
  • When trying to overcome an addiction, carry with you a smaller heart-shaped Amethyst geode to benefit from its energy

Package Included:

1* (Heart Shaped Geode)