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Electric Surfboard

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Applicable People: Unisex
Origin: CN(Origin)
Model Number: OU-F2
Outdoor Activity: OTHER
Type: Bodyboards

Product information:
Model: F2
Color: White (color can be customized)
Packing size: 93.5*28*51.5CM
Gross product weight: 15KG
Net weight: 10KG
Carrying capacity: <100KG
Water surface speed: 5-15KMH
Surfboard material: ABS
Surfboard size: 90*48*27CM
Paddle Specification: Propeller diameter 18.5
Propeller speed: 6500 RPM
Propeller power: 3200W
Propeller material: Aluminum alloy die casting
Propeller installation: Independent suspension
Battery installation: Quick insertion and removal of slf-locking structure
Battery configuration: 12AH
Adapter: DC43.8V/3A
Charge method: Contact-type
Charging time: 2-4H
Mileage: 30-60 minutes
Waterproof grade: IP68

Packing List:
1. Electric surfboard 1PC
2. Charger 1PC
3. Chargr adapter 1PC
4. Using manual 1PC

Using Guide:
1.The total power switch and hold for 3 seconds, LCD screen lights up, boot default standard mode, touch the total power switch again, the system will adjust the model for the motion. Two mode, push around an arbitrary magnetic control switch, into a low speed mode, both sides pressed, into second gear high speed mode. A total of four speed gear can choose.
2.The total power switch and hold 5 seconds system shutdown, stop using the product for 5 minutes, the system automatically standby, 10 minutes automatic shutdown.
3.When using the product, first open the total power switch, then put the leg to the bottom, the body prone on floating plate, his hands were about to hold the magnetic control handle. Speed can be adjusted according to their own needs gear.
4.F2 power turn left the electric surfboard, differentiable leaning can turn.
5.F2 dynamic floating plate main body can be separately used as swimming it.