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Type: Vacuum Cleaner Parts
Model Number: S510
Brand Name: Robot lifestyle
Led Display: yes
Cutting width: 28cm(14cm/pc)
Mower size: 56*51*25cm(LWH)
Working capacity: 1500m2±20%
Qty for cutting blades: 2pcs
Charging station size: 45*38.5*23.5cm(LWH)
Working voltage: 24V
Charging time: ≤3 hours
Type of battery: Lead-acid/Lithium
Average working time: 2-3hours

Quick details:



S510 3rd generation

Coverage (for once charging) 800m2±20%
Working capacity 2600m2±20%
Virtual wire maximum length/diameter 600m
Standard virtual wire length/diameter 100m
Mower size 62*50*28.5cm(LWH)
Charging station size 45*38.5*78cm(LWH)
Rated Power 85W(average)
Noise ≤60dB
Qty for cutting blades 1pcs
Cutting height 2.5-6cm
Cutting width 25.4cm
Cutting speed 30m/min
Blades rotate speed 3400rpm
Hill capability 30degree Max slope
Max ambient functioning temp. 40C
Average working time 2-3hours
Wireless remote control 6m
Type of battery Lithium
Battery capacity 6.6Ah
Gross weight 19.5KGS
Net weight 12.5KGS
Charging time ≤3 hours
Rain sensor YES
Auto recharge YES
Intelligent spiral YES
Go straight YES
Anti theft YES
Lift sensor YES
Tilted sensor YES
Electronic compass YES
Pressure sensor YES
Ultrasonic sensor YES
Bump sensor (side and front)
LED display YES
Waterproof YES
Touch sensor YES
Time set-up system YES
Emergency switch YES
Set up password YES
Language option YES
Around virtual wire walking selection YES
Mower can't been start when charging station power less YES
Mower can't been start when virtual wire has been cut off YES
Intelligent testing lawn YES
Subarea setting YES




with shelter for charge,three blades to cut grass , and 24 Voltage lithium battery rechargeable .With CE and ROHS certification

2.Inner hexagon spanner
3.virtual wire connectors(10pcs)
4.Virtual wire (100m)
5.Charging station
6.Remote control
7.Remote control battery
8.Stakes (4pcs)
10.English manual

the character of the mower

 1.  Intelligent Running

2.  Prevention of Collisions

3.Blades  security contro

4.  Intelligent Test lawn

5.  Electronic fence(Setting up the work region)

6.  Intelligent Safety Testing

7.  Back charging automatically

8.  Taking rainshelter automatically

9.  Remote control function


 1.  Intelligent Running

Mover Robot can control her wheels through embedded intelligent software,to achieve progress,retreat,turn left,turn right, and other basic movement.The intelligent  running  can be automatically adjusted according to different mow algorithm.

2.  Prevention of Collisions

Built-in automatic ultrasonic sensors detect obstacles in front and automatically avoid collisions.

3.  Blades  security control

After entered the region,starting cutting blades.When a person or animal is near the blades Mower Robot will automatically stop.

4.  Intelligent Test lawn

 Automatically detect the length of grass, dense, controlled cutting process.

5..Electronic fence(Setting up the work region)

The fence made with electronic component cable can control the cutting scope effectively.

6.Intelligent Safety Testing

It can estimate whether the circuit is overload and if it is Mower Robot will stop work to protect the inside circuit.

7. Back charging automatically

When the battery power is insufficient,it will go back to charge automatically.The mode is non-contact electromagnetic induction charging.

8.Taking rainshelter automatically

When it rained,Mower Robot will automatically go back to automatic charging block to take shelter.

9.  Remote control function

Through telecontrol commands, achieving directional walking by mowing patterns, obstacle avoidance, switches and other functions.



Control Panel view:


①Auto mode

②Display:(A)Charging station symbol. (B)Rain sensor symbol. (C)Working schedule symbol. (D)Ultrasonic sensor symbol. (E)Line symbol

             (F)Auto mode. (G)Bttery voltage. H)(Time setting, (I)Function setting. J,Month/Date. (K)Weel. (L)Hour / Minute


③Emergency swith

④Up / +:

          -select menu,go upward

         -select menu,go left

         -select figure,means+

⑤Enter button

  -To confirm your selection enter it.

⑥Down / -

  -selest menu,go down

 -select menu,go right

 -select figure,means-

⑦Rain sensors

⑧Home button

Remote control: