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Certification: CE
Model Number: Black deer
Height: 160cm
Weight: 49kg
Screen: Android
System: English version
Color: optional
Movement: Programmable
Content of the dialog: Can be customized
Advertising: Loop through images and videos
Walk: Lidar navigation, Ultrasonic obstacle avoidance
Working hours: Around 6 hours
Charging: Automatic or manual
Certificate: CE

Action programming

The head can move, each arm can move, a total of 10 fingers can imitate human movement, can simulate handshake and grab the cup pour water action(It requires additional programming), upper body 25 joints, can realize the whole body action free programming.

Business consulting

The dialogue content can be presented through pictures, videos, web pages and apps to enhance interactivity. Answers all kinds of business consultation questions to customers,and can constantly adjust and optimizeIt can support the construction of industry data model and massive knowledge base (customized) according to needs.

Multiple locations introductions

It can realize multi-point navigation, flexibly customize multi-point explanation content, effectively reduce staff workload and improve service quality.

Guide and lead

After the guest voice interaction, no need switch the robot leads the guest to the designated place and returns to the starting point. It is equipped with laser radar, ultrasonic and other sensors to flexibly realize the indoor fixed-location guidance.

Fun chat

Chinese and English cloud voice database, you can order songs, query the weather, nearby hospitals, hotels, schools, restaurants and other facilities, and calculate the distance and route.

VIP welcome

Face recognition can be used to welcome guests and shake hands with guests.

Business handling

It can identify ID card and other documents by induction, insert the bank card, read the information of the bank card, input password, account number and other numbers on the metal keyboard, and have a thermal printer to print bills (customized).

Secondary development

Can provide call protocol (suitable for secondary development of PC controller: windows, Android). SDK + demo + documentation can be provided.




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