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Brand Name: Robot lifestyle
Certification: GS
Certification: ROHS
Certification: UR
Certification: ce
Power (W): <500W
Voltage (V): 100-240V
Function: Robot lawn mover
Model Number: RL19A
Bluetooth APP Control: YES
Input voltage: 110-240V 50HZ
Battery: 1pc 24V, 2.2Ah Li-ion battery
Charging time 2A: 1.5hours
Average working time per charge: 1hour
Average cutting cover area per hour: 100m2
Maxiumum cutting cover area: 400m2
Slope: Max 20
Cutting height: 2.5-5.5cm(height adjustment by Rotary knob)
Noise: Max 73dB
Moving speed: 12 m/s
Cutting width: 16cm
Cutting height: 3-6cm
Cutting motor speed: 3500R/M
Mowing capacity for each recharge: 400m2
Protection class: IP X4
Weight: 6.5 Kg
Size of Robotical mower: 516x368x200 mm

400-600 m² Robot Lawn Mower 19A,Automatic charging,Automatic avoid-obstacle,
2.2Ah Li-ion battery,Water proof IPX4,auto charging

The character of the mower

*Input voltage: 110-230V,  50HZ

*Battery: 1pc 24V, 2.2Ah Li-ion battery

*Charging time 2A: 1.5hours

*Average working time per charge: 1 hours Average

*Cutting cover area per hour: 50㎡

*Maxiumum cutting cover area: 400-600m2

*Gradeability: ≤20°

*Cutting width: 16cm

*Cutting height: 2.5-5.5cm(height adjustment by Rotary knob)

*Noise: <73dB

*Cutting motor speed: 3000R/M

*Moving speed: 12 m/s

*Cutting motor type: brushless motor(1pcs)

*Driving motor type: brushless motor(2pcs)

*Water proof IPX4

Mower Robot's Function parameter

*Evolvent mowing mode

*Random line mowing mode

*Falling sensor

*Lift sensor Tilt sensor

*Pressure sensor Rain sensor

*Bumping sensor

*Emergency stop switch

*Power failure auto-stop function

*Boundary line disconnect auto-stop function

*Automatically go back to charging station function

*Reservation function

*Self driving speed regulate function

*Anti-theft (start code) Sound alarm

Fuctions instruction

●Automatic mowing and crushing

Intelligent planning of automatic mowing, automatic mowing and crushing of grass.

●Automatic charging

When the machine is low in power, it will automatically return to the charging seat for charging.

●Automatic avoid-obstacle

When the machine encounters obstacles, it will automatically retreat or avoid obstacles to go around.

●Automatic shelter

When it rains, it can automatically navigate back to the charging seat (shelter from rain).

●Intelligent detection lawn

Automatic detection of the perimeter of the fence line around the lawn, intelligent planning automatic

adjustment of the mowing section work path and mode.


●Fixed password lock (fixed password)

The host has set a fixed password to power up with a password to prevent the child or other people who do

not know the safe operation to boot.

●Tilt sensor system

The RL19A with a tilt sensor that automatically stops the alarm immediately when one side of the machine is lifted over angle of 45 .

●Lift sensor system

When the working RL19A is lifted off the ground by the artificial shell of the body, it will stopped

immediately and it will alarm automatically.

●Intelligent safety protection system

When abnormal conditions or motor overload occur in the work, automatic shutdown protection immediately.

●Anti-collision sensor system

When the RL19A mowing grass encountered fixed obstacles or other resistance, the automatic obstacle

avoidance system starts, the machine automatically retreats, adjusts the walking direction, avoids obstacles

and resistance.

●Emergency stop system

In case of a sudden situation, press the emergency stop key ,it will stop the work immediately.

●Electric quantity monitoring system

Power monitoring system, battery power low return charging and full exit charging seat contact

plate to prevent battery overcharge and discharge.

●Navigation fence control system

Circle the work area and make sure the machine works in the fence area.

Important Safety Warning:

●Do not let children or others who do not understand the safe operation of the machine to operate.

●If the safety equipment is damaged and the safety performance is invalid, do not operate the lawn mower.

●Do not operate lawnmower on slopes with slopes greater than 30%.

●Please check and clean all debris in the mowing area before the machine is in operation.

●Do not lift the blade while the machine is in operation; wear protective gloves when repairing the blade.

●When installing navigation fence line staples, wear eye protection tools and gloves.

●The Robotical lawn mower shall only be used by batteries, chargers and other accessories provided or

recommended by the manufacturer.

●Do not remove and modify the battery, do not use strong impact, heating, burning the battery.

●Follow the power type and electrical parameters indicated on the charger.

●Do not use a charger in a damp-prone environment; do not use a damaged charger.

●Do not open the power-on charging station or try to connect the positive and negative charging electrodes

directly with the conductor to prevent electric shock and short-circuit accidents.

●Do not contact the charger and plug with a wet hand.

What's in the box?

Installation of Charging Station:

Install the charging station

*The location of charging station must be even, firm and convenient to use the power source.

There must be no obstacles or corners within 2 meters in front. First fix the front part of the fence wire

under the charging station. And fix the charging station with pegs. The charging stand faces the lawn

[inside the fence],and keep it clean.

Warning: Cannot install charging station on slope (as shown picture)

*Pull one end of the fence wire out and place it on the lawn floor where the charging station is installed for

use. After the charging station is installed, fix it on it with the fence pegs.

* Leave about 10 centimeters of wire for use at the end of the charging station card slot against the vertical

wall (and peel the wire tip), aim the fence wire at the base card slot above the charging station plate and clip the


Installation of Fence Wire:

*On the right side in front of the charging station (directly opposite to the left side of the operator in front of

the charging station, the left side of the figure above), at least A vertical distance of more than 2 meters should be

installed to fence wire. This part of the navigation fence should maintain A straight line with the card slot line at

both ends of the charging station (see the figure A of above picture).

*From charging station on the right side (directly opposite charging on the left side of the positive operator,

above left), counterclockwise direction along the edge of the lawn inside to install fence wire, and fence wire from

the edge of the lawn not less than about 25 cm (charging except near the bridge, such as pictured here will be

subject to charge a card slot position distance)

* In the narrow area, the minimum effective distance between the two navigation fence lines is 1.5 meters

(see B below).

*When installation of navigation fence line encounters a turning Angle less than or equal to 90 degrees, it

can adjust each Angle to be greater than 90 degrees by making multiple turns with large angles (see C in the

picture above).

*When there are fixed facilities such as trees more than 5cm above the ground in the lawn, if the distance

between the fixed objects and the lawn is less than 1.5m, the fixed objects should be directly circled outside the

scope of the fence wire with the method of ring peninsula, and the distance between the ring fence wire and the

fixed objects should be no less than 35cm. If the distance between the fixed object and the surrounding lawn is

more than 1.5 meters, the loop island method is adopted to circle it outside the fence wire. The distance between

the loop navigation fence line and the fixed object is not less than 35 cm, and the spacing between the two leads is less than 1 cm.

* Areas with slopes greater than 30% of the slope should be enclosed outside the fence line

* For multi-area lawn, if the inter-area passage is level with the lawn, or the height difference is less than

3cm, and the inter-area passage is greater than 1.5m, the fence wire shall be installed in a single area. If the above

conditions are not met, the charging station and the fence wire shall be installed in different areas.

* Fix the adjusted fence wire with pegs one by one, so that the fence wire is close to the lawn with the terrain.

Pegs can be fixed every 2 meters or so, but the density of pegs should be adjusted appropriately according

to the terrain complexity (for example, add pen fixation in the low-lying area as shown in the figure).

* Install one circle of the fence wire and return back to the vertical wall of the cable slot stuck in the base of

the charging station. Leave about 10cm of the wire end (with the wire end peeled) for the connection of the

terminal post. The extra part must be cut off (as shown in the figure).

Clean up the lawn

*If the original grass grows longer than 10CM-14CM, weeds are too much, first with artificial finishing, cut

off the overlong part to remove the thick rod or vine weed.

*Level off the local areas with holes or potholes, first fill the earth, there is a clear raised level to prevent the

wheels down, or stuck unable to walk.

* Remove branches small stones iron wire and other debris; Reinforce and protect easily damaged lawn light,

spray and other lawn facilities.

Adaptive adjustment of machine

*The charging station shall first connect to the power supply, the green light on and flash the red light on the

charging station, then connect to the fence wire, and the green light shall turn on and the red light shall turn off,

then the charging station and the fence wire have worked normally.

!Warning: Before switching on the power, connect the output end plug of the charger to the

charging station, and then connect the input end plug of the charger to the power socket.

*Start the robotical lawn mower, it will walk a complete circle along the fence wire, you can readjust and

install the part of the fence wire that cannot pass smoothly.(For example, place the lawnmower on the right side

of the charging station, then the lawnmower will jump over the charging contact fence and start up and start the

return trip operation.)

*Adjust the blades to the desired height of your lawn. Let the Robotical lawn mower standby